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The War on Illegal Pornography is being waged at a unique period in history.  For nearly five decades, the battle to protect individuals and families from the devastating effects of pornography – addiction, exploitation, family disintegration, violence against women and children, and increased crime – has been fought.

capitol-150x150In the 1980s, great gains were made as the United States Department of Justice began to prosecute violations of federal obscenity laws.  Pornographers in many parts of the country responded to the threat of prosecution by self-regulating and pulling potentially illegal material off their shelves.  Unfortunately, in the past twenty years we’ve seen pornography and its effects reach a pandemic level, only a handful of prosecutions of pornographers have occurred. In fact, the current U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has now shut down the Obscenity Prosecution Task Force in the Criminal Division of the U. S. Department of Justice.

New social science research has emerged linking pornography to a plethora of society ills – sex trafficking, child abuse, domestic violence, and divorce.  Simultaneously, medical research documenting how pornography harms brain function is now available, yet it is still relatively unknown to parents, medical personnel, legislators, and law enforcement.

These new causalities can be used to galvanize support for a renewed war on this harmful and illicit material.  In late 2009, after repeated attempts to influence the Department of Justice to enforce existing obscenity law, a new strategy was proposed.  In 2010 we successfully formed a large and broad Coalition of organizations that agreed to enlist their members by the thousands and tens of thousands to pressure appropriate Congressional committees and Congressional leaders of each party to instruct the Justice Department and FBI to enforce the obscenity laws. This effort is called the War on Illegal Pornography..

We call on all groups to unite in this cause as a Coalition for the War on Illegal Pornography.  We call on everyone – families, women’s and children’s rights advocates, faith-based groups, business leaders, medical personnel, elected officials – to join the Coalition and work together in order to stop the growing amount of hard core pornography available in America.

While we still have the law on our side, proof of these harms and people willing to speak up, it is grave that we act now!

War on Illegal Pornography Timeline:

2010 – Coalition effort launched to get federal obscenity laws enforced after U.S. Department of Justice under the direction of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama make it clear that they will not enforce any obscenity laws.

June 2010 – Host a briefing on Capitol Hill about the harms from pornography and need for enforcement. The room is filled to capacity.

December 2010 – Host first online conference for general public and begin organizing public to pressure U.S. Congress to help get laws enforced

January – April 2011 – Through WOIP Coalition, hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens call, email and write letters to the Congressional representatives asking for their support and to sign a letter addressed to A.G. Holder that demands prosecution.

April 2011 – Letters sent to A.G. Holder from almost half of the U.S. Senate and dozens of House members laying out some of the harms and demanding vigorous prosecution of federal obscenity laws. Now many Congressional leaders have someone assigned in their offices to deal with the issue of pornography and to help them stay informed about the issue.

May 2011 – A.G. Holder is questioned in key Congressional hearings in both the House and Senate for failure to enforce obscenity laws.

January – April 2012 – Effort launched to contact all 2012 Presidential candidates and secure their support for enforcement of obscenity laws. The three leading 2012 GOP Presidential candidates agree to enforcement of laws if elected (Governor Romney, Senator Santorum, Former Speaker Gingrich)

May 2012 – Congress asked for a Congressional Hearing on the pandemic of harm from pornography. WOIP is promised a hearing by key Congressional members.


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